Thyroid Scintigraphy, Ultrasound, Image


Thyroid hormones affect almost all the metabolic processes of the body. Thyroid disorders therefore often result in diseases that cause few typical symptoms e.g. fatigue, insomnia or weight gain. Therefore the diseases are often recognised and treated only at a later stage.
A comprehensive thyroid examination relies mainly on three diagnostic methods:

  • A blood test aids in determining if your thyroid gland produces normal levels of hormones, or whether it is over- or under-active.
  • An ultrasound provides information on the size and structure of the thyroid gland and helps to investigate nodes.
  • The thyroid scintigraphy shows, among other things, whether a thyroid node does not produce thyroid hormones, or if it produces too many thyroid hormones.

After an extensive preliminary discussion covering undiagnosed symptoms, pain, family history or pre-existing conditions, our doctors determine in each individual case whether the thyroid check-up is necessary, and what diagnostic method should be used.

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