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Administration und Service

Away with a rigid administrative unit. Our modern unit is aligned with the needs of our internal and external customers, and can adapt easily to current requirements. radiologicum adserv puts its efforts toward servicing the shareholders, employees and patients.

Service und Leadership Processes in the Background 

Operating the practice as primary process requires secondary and tertiary background processes so that resources can be provided at the right place and time, and with the correct means. radiologicum adserv provides the service and management processes as a background support. By using modern management methods and interconnected systems, radiologicum adserv provides processes supporting activities ranging from management tasks such as personnel management, controlling and marketing to operations such as scheduling, billing and accounting.

Economic Principle 

To provide long-term health benefits for patients, resources must be optimised and used purposefully. Even the small team of radiologicum adserv seeks to realise this principle.

Economies of Scope

Cost synergies for the decentralised examination units are realised through the centralisation of expertise such as financial accounting, controlling, accounting and human-resource management.

Targeted Skill Development 

Through the processing of recurring requests from individual examination units, required skills can quickly and specifically be developed, and optimally used for other similar requests.

Starfish Principle

Network, connect, share, and distribute - radiologicum adserv acts as a central hub & interface that collects, structures and forwards information in a well-regulated fashion.

Lean Management

Lean management - in radiologicum Munich and therefore also in the radiologicum adserv not just a slogan. Personal responsibility and teamwork are encouraged; all employees share customer focus and continuous improvement. Moreover open information and feedback processes characterise the entire enterprise.

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Stephan Wiedemann
Business Director, Member of the Executive Board

Hannelore Martin
Accounting & Billing

Gerald Lang
Human Resources Director

Annette Sirikelas
Human Resources Manager

Peter Krieger
Finance Director

Brigitte Schärf
Patient-Service-Centre Director