Interventional Radiology, Examination, ImageInterventional Radiology, Examination, Image


In our state-of-the-art radiology practices, not only do we offer you examinations with the latest and most gentle methods of diagnosis, but we also offer a variety of innovative therapy concepts. Only radiologists and / or nuclear-medicine physicians may perform all procedures since either radiological examination equipment such as computed tomography scanners are necessary, or for the treatment substances are administered which may only be used by nuclear-medicine physicians.

Treatment of joint and back pain 

Nuclear-medicine therapy 

Apart from radiation synovectomy, we also offer a variety of outpatient nuclear-medicine therapies, such as enossal pain therapy for the treatment of painful bone metastases.

Furthermore, we are specialised in the preparation, placement, and follow-up care for radioiodine therapy of thyroid diseases. Since radioiodine therapy may only be performed as an in-patient procedure, you need to be admitted to a hospital for a few days for the treatment. We are happy to advise you and, where appropriate, to facilitate specific forms of nuclear-medical therapy (e.g. peptide receptor therapy in neuroendocrine carcinoma or antibody therapy in lymphoma).

We are here for you 

We invest a lot of time to ensure that you receive the best treatment. Before any therapy, we thoroughly examine you and conduct a detailed consultation session with you. Our experienced specialists carefully decide which treatment measure is best suited for your individual case. Also, to optimise your treatment, we work closely together with your doctor.